Shake Hands


We offer a range of services that includes a current financial condition analysis, financial goal setting, insurance portfolio review, planning for investments, tax, and estates.


“My adviser is a sincere, thoughtful and professional wealth planner. Throughout the whole period of working together, the advice that he has provided was always well-organised and straight to the point. There was no fluff and everything was transparent. Not only were his comparisons thorough and detailed, he uses clear strategies which always gives us very helpful suggestions on what we should and should not do.

We are pleased to have him as our adviser and fully entrust our risk management and retirement planning to him.”

– Mr. Jean Gabriel Dufresse

“I was introduced to my adviser by my colleague. I have known him for the past one year and I find him to be very competent and professional compared to my previous adviser. Prior to having professional advice, I found that I was lacking of such knowledge knowing that it is important. Thanks to him, I am now more confident in investing.”

– Miss Dian Tendra



Our focus on quality ensures clients receive a service that meets both the highest professional standards and government regulatory requirements. As such, we keep your business legally compliant which ensures your long term success.




Our skilled professionals provide fast tailored solutions to meet your needs. Because of our focus on speed, we can assist you in achieving a quicker return on investments.





You can utilize our project managers throughout the life of your new venture. In doing so, we utilize team communication tools to answer your queries, provide updates, and inform you of any new risks.


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