Shake Hands


Investment advice is provided by our qualified and trained advisers on a one-to-one basis at our office.

Our company provides our advisers regular market updates and training on specific funds to ensure that they are current and able to advise their clients competently.

Our company provides guidance on recommended funds for clients with different risk tolerance and appetite, but the final selection is left to clients as their investment objectives and horizon will differ.

Our advisers provide updates on the performance of clients’ investments on agreed intervals and also on request.


“I knew my adviser a couple of years before I approached him to manage my portfolio. I have the advantage of getting to know him as a person outside of his profession before I found out about his vacation. That time, there was no financial advisory need on my part too. I saw in him integrity, trustworthiness. So when the need for financial advisory service arose, it was easy to who I should go to for help.

I have engaged him as my advisory l planner for about two years. So far my portfolio has increased about 14%. As I am a rather hands-off client, he has been very proactive in his recommendations. Understanding my needs and risk appetite, he was able to recommend the investment accordingly.

I would definitely recommend him to a friend who needs an adviser.”

– Mr. Irshad Adriatama

“My adviser treats me more like a friend than a client. He advises me on investments and other financial related matters based on my needs rather than promoting products for his advantages. His professionalism is displayed through his consistent updates of my investment portfolio, putting me at ease amid my busy life. It is a comfort to know that my investments are in good hands.”

– Miss Susan Cusiano



Our focus on quality ensures clients receive a service that meets both the highest professional standards and government regulatory requirements. As such, we keep your business legally compliant which ensures your long term success.




Our skilled professionals provide fast tailored solutions to meet your needs. Because of our focus on speed, we can assist you in achieving a quicker return on investments.





You can utilize our project managers throughout the life of your new venture. In doing so, we utilize team communication tools to answer your queries, provide updates, and inform you of any new risks.


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