Shake Hands


Indonesian laws for establishing and running a business can be confusing. Our professionals make it easier for local and foreign investors to succeed in executing their business plans. 



Our focus on quality ensures clients receive a service that meets both the highest professional standards and government regulatory requirements. As such, we keep your business legally compliant which ensures your long term success.



Our skilled professionals provide fast tailored solutions to meet your needs. Because of our focus on speed, we can assist you in achieving a quicker return on investments.



You can utilize our project managers throughout the life of your new venture. In doing so, we utilize team communication tools to answer your queries, provide updates, and inform you of any new risks.


We are licensed and competent in a range of disciplines to see opportunities, problems and risks from multiple perspectives. We help you focus on growing and sustaining your business.


We understand our clients have different needs. So, we plan to adapt, respond to change, and grow with them. As such, we have experience helping clients to establish a company, secure finance, obtain permits and licenses, develop human resources, and improve operations.


“Thank you to Putranto Alliance for reviewing Johnny Rockets legal contracts. The team was very professional in meeting our requests. We will continue to work with Putranto Alliance and will tell other companies to do the same. They are helpful in all aspects of business as well as legal compliance. We feel that we are in good hands. Their speed and knowledge made it easy for us to work with them.”
– Ms. Anindya Sastrawinata, Johnny Rockets Indonesia

“Peak Finance provides a great bridging loan facility. The best that I have ever met in my career. It even puts banks to shame.”

– Mr. Adi Utama Soegiarto Hanafi, Royale Hill

“Putranto Alliance provided us with a great service. The quality of their service made us feel that we are in good hands.”
– Mr. Hendro KakalimCo-Founder Cashpop

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