Intellectual Property Rights | Patent

Manullang & Putranto Law Firm is licensed to provide Intellectual Property consultation to protect one of your business’s most valuable assets. Intellectual Property Rights are legally protected through registration and include:

  • Copyright
  • Patent
  • Trademark
  • Industrial design
  • Trade secrets, and
  • Integrated circuit layout design.

Patent is the exclusive rights owned by the inventor for a technological solution to a problem. The solution must be new, useful, and non-obvious and can be a process, machine, manufactured product, or composition of matter.

Registration certificate, valid for up to 20 years for a regular patent and up to 10 years for a simple patent.

Estimated time
May take 24 to 36 months from receipt of complete application for substantive examination.

Documents required

  • Registration application.
  • Statement from the applicant about the invention.
  • Identity card of the applicant; or if a legal entity, Deed of Establishment and all amendments and approvals.
  • Identity card of the inventor.
  • Statement of patent application including name/title, claim, description, drawings/illustration, and abstract of the invention.
  • Power of Attorney to the Intellectual Property consultant.

Prevailing regulation(s)
Law No. 14 Year 2001 regarding Patent
Law No. 27 Year 2004 regarding Patent Implementation Procedures


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