Intellectual Property Rights | Litigation

Manullang & Putranto Law Firm is licensed to provide Intellectual Property consultation to protect one of your business’s most valuable assets. Intellectual Property Rights are legally protected through registration and include:

  • Copyright
  • Patent
  • Trademark
  • Industrial design
  • Trade secrets, and
  • Integrated circuit layout design.

We provide guidance to our Intellectual Property clients in the trade court to protect your interests, with regards to infringement of rights.

Lawsuit, responses to lawsuits, conclusions, representation, facilitation and guidance in the courts of law at all levels.

Estimated time
Depends on the type of Intellectual Property and complexity.

Documents required
Case documents, evidence documents, statements from the client.

Prevailing regulation(s)
Law No. 18 Year 2003 regarding Advocates
Civil Law Code (Burgerlijk Wetboek voor Indonesie)
Law No. 28 Year 2014 regarding Copyright
Law No. 14 Year 2001 regarding Patent
Law No. 15 Year 2000 regarding Trademark
Law No. 31 Year 2000 regarding Industrial Design
Law No. 30 Year 2000 regarding Trade Secret
Law No. 32 Year 2000 regarding Integrated Circuit Layout Design


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