Advocacy | Due Diligence & Legal Opinion

Our legal consultants undertake systematic investigations of factual materials, to give you a comprehensive picture of events and risks related to objects of mergers and acquisitions, consolidations, IPO, and lending. Other relevant junctures include property transactions, equity investment, asset mortgages, and cooperation agreements.

Legal Opinion with Legal Due Diligence Report attached, outlining any issues raised from the investigation.

Estimated time
Legal Due Diligence may take months depending on the complexity of the transaction or legal action.  Legal Opinions may take a shorter time, up to 14 working days after the due diligence has been completed. The time taken also depends on the object of investigation and completeness of documents available.

Documents required

  • Articles of Association of the object organization, with all amendments; approvals from the Minister of Law and Human Rights; announcement in the National Gazette
  • Investment and shareholding structure and history since establishment and supporting documents, such as proofs of transfers of funds, transfer of shares agreements, etc
  • Management structures, i.e. Board of Directors and Board of Commissioners
  • Minutes of Meetings of the Board of Directors, Board of Commissioners, and Shareholders
  • Business licenses, approvals, and registrations
  • Financial Reports for the relevant years, including Cash Flow Statement, Income Statement, Balance Sheet; List of Creditors and Debtors; Statements of Accounts; Operational Expenses, Tax Reporting, etc
  • Employee records
  • Fixed and movable asset lists; List of mortgaged assets; List of transfers of assets.
  • Insurance documents
  • Documents relating to current and previous lawsuits, if any
  • Third party contracts
  • Any other documents

Prevailing regulation(s)
Law No. 18 Year 2003 regarding Advocates


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Disclaimer: Materials downloaded from our website do not replace sound legal advice.