Advocacy | Non Litigation

To understand your legal rights, liabilities, and risks and probability of events or situations, we can help by providing written and verbal advice. Contact us for before, during or post-event or action involving your investment, the capital market, cooperation, loans, and other business law issues.


  • Clear understanding of your risks, legal rights and responsibilities of an impending business decision
  • Feedback on an event or action in order to take any necessary corrective action
  • Considerations for a strategy that eliminates or reduces risks and losses and minimizes uncertainty

Estimated time
3 – 5 working days, depending on the legal issue

Documents required
All documents related to a case, statements from clients regarding the legal matter, notes from conversations, agreements, minutes of meetings.

Prevailing regulation(s)
Law No. 18 Year 2003 regarding Advocates


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Disclaimer: Materials downloaded from our website do not replace sound legal advice.