Advocacy | Litigation

We are licensed to represent your interests in the court of law, to protect your rights and minimize liabilities in legal matters involving consumer protection, business agreements, complaints against government authorities, taxation, criminal violations, debts and receivables, family, employment, immigration, and others.

Lawsuit, responses to lawsuits, conclusions, representation, facilitation and guidance in the courts of law at all levels.

Estimated time
Depends on the complexity of the legal issues.

Documents required
All documents related to a case, statements from clients regarding the legal object, notes from conversations, agreements, minutes of meetings or any other evidences.

Prevailing regulation(s)
Law No. 18 Year 2003 regarding Advocates
Criminal Law Code No. 8 Year 1981
Civil Law Code (Burgerlijk Wetboek voor Indonesie)
Regulations of the Police of the Republic of Indonesia No. 12 Year 2009 regarding Oversight and Handling of Criminal Cases


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