Business Licenses | Non-Formal Education

A Non-Formal Education Establishment License is required to establish a structured and tiered educational pathway outside of formal education, such as required for the establishment of language courses, computer courses, among others. 

Non-Formal Education (PNF) Establishment License

Estimated time
30 working days upon receipt of complete documents

Documents required

  • Letter of application for establishment Non-Formal Education (PNF) institution
  • Identity Card (KTP) of PNF institution founder
  • Management board and division of responsibilities
  • Domicile letter
  • Proof of ownership or permit to use the educational premises for a minimum of 3 years
  • Articles of Association, with all amendments and approvals, as well as all complete corporate documents
  • Educational Institution Development Plan with reference to the National Education Standards

Prevailing regulation(s)
Regulation of the Minister of Education and Culture No. 81 Year 2013 on the Establishment of Non-Formal Education Institution


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