Business Licenses | Business License in Construction (SIUJK)

Business entities in the construction sector are required to obtain an operational Business Licenses in Construction (SIUJK), in order to undertake projects and services in the construction sector, including consultation, supervision, and construction works. 

Business License in Construction (SIUJK)

Estimated time
14 working days upon receipt of all complete documents 

Documents required

  • Completed application form
  • Articles of Association, with all amendments and approvals, and complete business registration and licenses
  • Copy of Certificate of Business Entity (SBU)
  • Registration of within the company (PJT-BU)
  • Qualified responsible Technical Specialist (PJT-BU) registration card and statement letter from the Technical Specialist
  • Taxable Company Registration (PKP)
  • Latest balance sheet and financial statements
  • Identification cards of company directors and commissioners
  • Company organizational structure

Prevailing regulation(s)

  • Regulation of the Minister of Public Works No. 04 / PRT / M / 2011 on Guidelines for Licensing Requirements of the Domestic Construction Services Busines
  • Law No. 18 of 1999 on Construction Services and other supporting regulations, such as, government regulations, Regulations of the Minister of the Interior, Ministry of Public Works, or relevant Circulars

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