Corporate | Business Visas

Specific visas and permits are required for expatriates who wish to do business or work in Indonesia. Prudenta Business Advisory regularly assists professional expatriate clients in determining and obtaining the right visa or permit. Contact us for a consultation when in doubt or should you encounter any immigration issues. 

Common types of visas and permits that we may assist you with:

  • Single/Multiple Entry Business Visa
  • Temporary Residence Permit & Employment Permit (KITAS & IMTA)
  • Permanent Residence Permit (KITAP)

Expatriates coming into Indonesia for limited work activities, such as attending meetings and conferences, providing training, and signing contracts, may use a single entry or multiple entry business visa for a visit of up to 60 days. The Single Entry Business Visa is valid for one time entry into Indonesia, while the Multiple Entry Business Visa may be used for more than one entry, in a period of up to one year.

Single or Multiple Entry Business Visa

Estimated Time
7-10 working days upon receipt of complete documents

Required Documents

  • Passport with more than 6 months’ validity
  • Letter of Sponsorship from a company in Indonesia
  • Proof of financial ability to support oneself and/or his family while in Indonesia
  • Return or onward flight out of Indonesia
  • Passport photographs 

Prevailing regulation(s)
Government Regulation No. 31 Year 2013 concerning Implementing Regulations of Law No. 6 Year 2011 concerning Immigration


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