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For investors planning to approach Indonesia, Prudenta Business Advisory can assist with establishing initial presence in the form of a Representative Office (RO). ROs may not conduct sale transactions, and are limited to supervisory, administrative and marketing activities. Certain taxes may apply, for example salary taxes for personnel residing in Indonesia as determined by the time test. 


  • Representative Office License from the Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM)
  • Domicile Letter (SKDP)
  • Tax Identification Number and Registration Letter (NPWP)
  • Business Registration (TDP)

Estimated time
2 - 3 months

Documents required

  • Articles of Association of parent company, with all amendments, approvals and licenses.
  • Letter of Appointment of Chief Representative from the parent company
  • ID of Chief Representative
  • Statement Letter from Chief Representative 

Prevailing regulation(s)
Presidential Decree No. 90 Year 2000 regarding Foreign Investment Representative Office
Decree of the Chief of the Indonesian Investment Coordinating Body (BKPM) No. 22 Year 2001 regarding Foreign Representative Office


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