Corporate | Residence & Work Permit (KITAS & IMTA)

Most expatriates working in Indonesia must obtain 2 (two) types of permits:

  • Temporary Residence Permit (KITAS) from the Directorate-General of Immigration, which is a Limited Stay Permit issued to the foreigner to live in Indonesia; and
  • Foreign Employment Permit (IMTA) from the Ministry of Labor and Transmigration, which is issued to the Indonesian company wishing to employ a foreigner.

The application process is summarized below:

  1. Submit a Mandatory Employment Report (WLK).
  2. Submit a Foreign Employment Plan (RPTKA).
  3. Submit application for Foreign Employment Permit (IMTA).
  4. Submit payment Foreign Workers Employment Compensation Fund (DKP TKA), before approval for IMTA can be granted.
  5. Obtain recommendation for Telex Visa (TA-01). Within 2 months, he applicant must obtain the Temporary Residence Visa (VITAS) at the Indonesian Embassy in his home country.
  6. The foreigner then enters Indonesia and applies for KITAS and Multiple Exit & Re-Entry Permit (MERP).
  7. Obtain Police Report Certificate (STMD) and a Travel Permit Letter (SKJ).
  8. Report the presence of the foreign worker to the Regional Employment Service (Dinas Ketenagakerjaan).

Foreign workers are not allowed to occupy certain positions, such as those relating to Human Resources, industrial relations, and occupational safety. Please contact us for a list of positions prohibited to be occupied by foreigners. Moreover, the government determines length of validity of the KITAS and IMTA based on positions occupied by the foreigners.

The Foreign Workers Employment Compensation (DKP TKA) is government levy is imposed in the amount of USD100 per month of validity of KITAS and IMTA, per foreign worker. This amount is additional to any Processing Fee charged by Prudenta Business Advisory.


  • Mandatory Employment Report (WLK)
  • Foreign Employment Plan (RPTKA)
  • Foreign Employment Permit (IMTA)
  • Assistance to pay DKP TKA on behalf of client
  • Telex Visa (TA-01)
  • Temporary Residence Card (KITAS)
  • Police Report Letter (STMD)
  • Travel Permit Letter (SKJ)
  • Employee Report Letter (SLTK)

Estimated time
Please allow approximately 2 months upon receipt of complete documents to obtain the Telex Visa, and an additional 1 month to obtain the remaining permits and letters once the foreigner has entered Indonesia, as outlined in the above process.

Documents required
Please see our separate Fact Sheet for common documents required for KITAS and IMTA application.  

Prevailing regulation(s)

  • Regulation of the Minister of Manpower and Transmigration No. 35 Year 2015 concerning Changes to Regulation of the Minister of Manpower and Transmigration No. 16 Year 2015 concerning Foreign Employment Procedures
  • Regulation of the Minister of Manpower and Transmigration No. 16 Year 2015 concerning Foreign Employment Procedures
  • Regulation of the Minister of Law and Human Rights No. 27 Year 2014 concerning the Technical Procedures for the Granting, Extension, Refusal, Cancellation and Expiry of Visitation Stay Permit, Temporary Residence Permit, Permanent Residence Permit as well as Exception to the Requirement for a Stay Permit
  • Circular No. IMI-1380.GR.01.11.Year 2014 concerning the Granting of Extension of Unlimited Permanent Residence Permit and Personalization of Temporary or Permanent Residence Permit
  • Government Regulation No. 31 Year 2013 concerning Implementing Regulations in Law No. 6 Year 2011 concerning Immigration
  • Government Regulation No. 18 Year 2005 concerning Changes to Government Regulation No. 32 Year 1994 concerning Visa, Entry Permit, and Immigration Permits
  • Law No. 13 Year 2003 concerning Manpower

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