Corporate | Payroll Services

Corporate | Payroll Services

As part of our Corporate Services offering, Putranto Alliance provides tailored solutions to meet your company payroll administration requirements in Indonesia. We provides a secure, accountable, timely and accurate payroll services and calculate every necessary utilities that you need. We are here to listen, guide, advise, clarify and assure – so Human Resource can focus on growing your business and leave payroll matter to us. 

Our Payroll Services include:

  • Payroll administration & bookeeping; 
  • Payroll income tax withholding (PPh 21); 
  • Payroll social security and administration (BPJS); 
  • Payroll social security outside working hours (overtime/services); 
  • Payroll social security and tax ID registration; 
  • Payroll advisory.

Benefit from our accurate payroll services:

  • Timely 
  • Accurate
  • Secure 
  • Accountable


1. Monthly and annual salary pay slips and reports (IDR), including: 

  • Allowances report; 
  • Penalty reports (based on absency, achievement); 
  • Bonuses reports (based on THR, achievement); 

2. Monthly and annual income tax reports, including: 

  • Other deduction (PPh21, BPJS, etc); 
  • Take home pay (net pay). 

3. BPJS;

  • Health Insurance
  • Labor Insurance:
    • Life insurance (JKM);
    • Work accident (JKK);
    • Pension coverage (JP);
    • Old age insurance savings for formal worker (JHT).

Estimated time 

3 working days for monthly reports 

Documents required:

  • Data of company employees:
    • Tax ID (NPWP);
    • Financial account;
    • ID;
    • Family registration card/ passport;
  • Previous detailed information of employees’ compensation; 
  • Previous salary slips (if there are); 
  • Previous income tax reports (if there are).

Prevailing regulation(s):

  • Law No. 78 year 2015 regarding payroll; 
  • Law No. 32 year 2015 regarding PPh21 (income tax); 
  • Law No. 01 year 2016 regarding social security of accident, life and pension insurance;
  • Law No. 136 year 2009 regarding social security outside working hours.

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