Permits & Licenses | Principle License

One of the first licenses that a Foreign Investment Company (PT PMA) needs is the Principle License from the Indonesian Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM). The Principle License is also needed for project relocation, investment or business expansion, and mergers and acquisitions. Contact us for a copy of the current Negative Investment List, which outlines the industries/business fields with foreign ownership limitations and other foreign investment restrictions.

Capital Investment Principle License / Expansion / Amendment / Mergers & Acquisitions

Estimated time
30-45 working days upon receipt by BKPM of all complete documents.

Commonly required documents

  1. Name of PT company
  2. Address of PT company
  3. Articles of Association of the parent company and all amendments and approvals
  4. Passport and ID of shareholders, directors, and commissioners
  5. Detailed investment plan
  6. Detailed business scope, field and industry
  7. Articles of Association and all amendments, company licenses and approvals (for amendments)

Prevailing regulation(s)

  • Law No. 25 Year 2007 regarding Capital Investment
  • Law No. 39 Year 2014 regarding Negative Investment List
  • Regulation of the Chief of BKPM No. 5 Year 2013 regarding Guidelines and Procedures for Capital Investment Licensing and Non-Licensing

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